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Belly Dance Hacks

You can find useful life hacks applicable to belly dance all over. Make-up and hair hacks especially. You can even find lists that others have compiled specifically for belly dance. Here I want to share my own favorites. The ones I have tried and tested and found useful in my journey.

Make-up & Hair:

- False eyelashes add the final touch to your performance look but if you haven’t practiced and nailed how to get them on they can be a nightmare. To get the look without the hassle, apply a layer of mascara then use a fluffy brush to dust a layer of translucent powder onto your lashes. Re-apply mascara. You can repeat these steps until you reach your desired level of thick, full lashes. Curling your lashes first will help a lot too!

- Use a business card for applying cat eyes for straight lines. Place the card at the outer corner of your eye and then angle it up towards your eyebrow. Apply your liner and shadow as usual. Remove when finished and you will have a straight, crisp line.


- Use vodka to remove odors. A solution of water and vodka (50/50) is great for removing odor from sweating. It’s gentle on fabrics that can’t otherwise be washed, such as hipscarves and costumes. Use a spray bottle and spritz, then let it air dry.

- Safety pins are your best friend. Keep ‘em on hand for emergencies but they are also great for holding on slippery hip scarves.


- Rub beeswax on the balancing point of your sword for better grip. Beeswax adds tackiness to the edge of a sword and helps prevent slippage.

- Place a cork on the point of your sword to protect you (and your floors) if it falls while practicing. Just make sure you take it off before performing.

- You can use baby socks as zill mufflers. It’ll let you practice at home without too much noise.

- Use colored thread to sew the elastic on zills for different fingers. You can use one color for thumbs and another for fingers so that it’s quick and easy to identify where to place them on your hands.


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