Bashri Collective is an American Tribal Style®  (ATS®)  dance company founded to provide space for anyone wishing to learn ATS® and to allow all to pursue their passion through professional training. We strive to be welcoming of all dancers no matter gender, age, color, shape, size or ability. ​Our goal is to spread the joy and beauty that is ATS® and produce knowledgeable, respectful, empathetic and impactful artists who will contribute to their communities and to the performing arts.​

American Tribal Style® Dance is a modern style of dance created by FatChanceBellyDance® director Carolena Nericcio. Its defining characteristic is group improvisation in a "follow-the-leader" type format. The word "American" makes it clear that ATS® is distinctly  an invention born in this country, not a traditional dance style. "Tribal Style" describes the dancers working together as a group with a "tribal" look. Using a vocabulary of movements and cues, the performers communicate with each other while dancing. Though a modern dance, the feeling is ancient and connected with movements inspired by folkloric dances of the Middle East, North Africa, Spain and India.

Troupe Director

Aeshna Mairead

Aeshna (eesh-nuh) has been fascinated with belly dance since seeing performers at a renaissance faire as a teenager. In 2009, Aeshna found a belly dance fitness class which introduced them to the community and led them to other teachers. They went on to study  American Cabaret, Improvisational Tribal Style, and Tribal Fusion. Aeshna also has experience in Turkish Romany dance.

Aeshna received their General Skills for ATS® and Teacher Training I and II certifications from Carolena Nericcio  in Atlanta, GA in 2012. They are a FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio. 


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